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Few things in life require absolutely zero effort, least of all a serious relationship. No matter how much you might love your significant other, problems can manifest that might leave you pulling out your own hair. If you have found yourself in need of couples therapy and relationship counseling or premarital counseling, you have come to the right place. Here at the Center for Heart Intelligence, our goal is to guide you toward actionable solutions that promote a healthy shared relationship. If you are interested in relationship counseling, consider all of the ways that Meagan Prost can help at the Center for Heart Intelligence.


Meagan Prost is a certified counselor who has been practicing for almost a decade. A graduate from John Carroll University, Meagan Prost specializes in relationship counseling both in-person and online. In order to facilitate effective and convenient couples therapy, Meagan Prost is proud to offer a HIPAA-compliant virtual desktop with which to work alongside her clients remotely. For individuals who want to protect their privacy or otherwise avoid leaving the home for relationship counseling, this can be an incredible service.


As an expert in the field of relationship counseling and premarital counseling, Meagan Prost follows the Gottman Method. The Gottman Method is a popular form of couples therapy that focuses on assessing the relationship from the ground to the ceiling. The therapy format is structured on more than 40 years worth of effective research. The Gottman Method implements exercises, shared tasks, and individual examinations to properly assess the relationship in question. Meagan Prost is a Level 3 Gottman-trained Therapist and her work is also backed by a Master's Degree in Clinical Mental health Counseling.


If you are interested in pursuing counseling from the Center for Heart Intelligence, you can contact Meagan Prost for your free 30-minute consultation. Merely navigate to the 'couple's therapy' page on Meagan's website in order to book your consultation.

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