Lockdown vs. Quality Time

The meaning of words can shape our behavior.

Words that have a negative connotation like quarantine, lockdown, and shelter-in-place which can naturally raise feelings of fear, anxiety, and panic.

What is one word you could change the meaning for you?

Perhaps instead of being "stuck" at home and feeling trapped, replace it with "grounded" at home. Rooted and firm, like a strong tree that can weather any storm. The term grounded can indicate the meaning of getting out of your head and into your heart: opening up to love, joy, connection, planning, dreaming and creating.

Do you notice a difference in how you are feeling?

"Shifting your emotional patterns is the key to shaping your decisions, actions and life. Create a choice instead of a habitual reaction. Create an opportunity instead of a hardship. Challenge the emotions that cross the threshold of your mind and channel this unique time into a personal victory for YOU."

Soak up this quality time by yourself and/or with loved ones by:

  • Finding more time for self-care (ex. take a longer shower)

  • Enjoying breakfast without a rush to get out the door

  • Trying a new routine (ex. sleep for 7-8 hours)

  • Whipping up a favorite lunch that may have been difficult to pack for work or school

  • Going for more walks outside

  • Enjoying rooms in your house that let in sunlight

  • Relaxing in that comfy chair and reading a book

  • Planning for a nutritious dinner and/or support local businesses

  • Snuggling with a partner, kids, and/or a pet

  • Planting a garden and/or starting a compost

  • Using video-conferencing tools to stay connected with others

  • Hosting a happy hour at home

  • Playing games you haven't had time for and/or putting together puzzles

  • Crossing items off your home project list

  • Deciding to join an exercise class that can stream to a device

  • Cleaning and organizing spaces, filing, and donation pieces

  • Staying in comfortable clothes ALL DAY LONG

  • Creating and printing photo albums that have been in the back of your mind

  • Engaging in deep conversations with a partner and/or family member

  • Updating your resume and applying to jobs

  • Making more time to laugh and play!

"Storms don't last forever."

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Meagan Prost, LPCC-S, BC-TMH
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