Rebuild a Happy, Healthy Relationship

Lately, you could be feeling more like roommates compared to when your relationship was new, fun, and exciting. There is an endless to-do list, and every task that gets crossed off another few are added. You might have thought:

  • How are little things escalating into arguments?

  • When was the last time we went on a romantic date?

  • Why do we have the same arguments, over and over?

  • When will I be able to trust him/her again?

You just keep going through the motions but can't help but feel lonely in your relationship, and your not sure how much longer you can keep going like this.

It's easy to fall into negative communication patterns; some are "lethal" to a relationship. Dr. John Gottman calls them the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: predicting relationship failure with over 90% accuracy if the behavior isn't changed. 

Things are not hopeless, even if you have one or all four horsemen in your relationship. You have the power to decide that your current communication habits are no longer serving you and that you'd like to change.

  “The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance.”

Sometimes after we have learned new communication techniques, they may not be accessible to us during an argument because our bodies go into fight, flight, or freeze mode. By working together, I will provide structured interventions to address new or reoccurring issues in a safe and calm environment.

My role in couples counseling is to teach you more effective communication styles to express your needs, in a gentle way, better manage conflict with respect for your partner, and heal emotional wounds from past arguments - so we can strengthen your relationship.


I have extensive clinical training from The Gottman Institute and leverage various research-based tools and activities that I share with you, used in our sessions and possibly in the future on your own. 

Are You Ready to Reclaim Your

Relationship Happiness?

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Meagan Prost, LPCC-S, BC-TMH
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