Make a Successful Career Change

Are you feeling stuck, unfulfilled, burnt out, or maybe no longer feel aligned to the organization or position you are in? Do you have a bigger career dream for yourself but not sure where to start? Are you preparing to enter or re-enter the workplace and unsure of your skills?

You're not alone and seeking out career support can boost your chances of landing your next job within months by investing time and following through on action items. Did you know that 80% of any successful transformation is focused on psychology and 20% on the strategy?

Every Career Is A Journey


Fall In Love With Your Work

Discover a path to more fulfilling work - making a bigger impact and creating the life you want. Being intentional with exploring strengths, preferences, and ideal fit. 

You might be feeling intimidated by the thought of making a career change. Resumes are constantly changing and looking for a job can feel like a full-time job.

I'm here to bring you up to speed on resume and cover letter writing, LinkedIn profile development and effective job searching trends, the latest interviewing techniques, tips for expanding your network and negotiating for the job that you deserve.

Imagine being able to make a successful career change within months. Even more importantly, what it would feel like to be in the career of your dreams and thriving!

Career Counseling vs. Career Coaching

You may have heard career counseling and career coaching used interchangeably, and there are some areas of overlap but there is also a  difference.


Career counseling offers a deeper dive to include the exploration of the past to understand the present and future. Most coaches have a strong future-oriented approach and do not delve into the past to avoid crossing into "therapy" or "mental health" territory.

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